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This is an E-book derived from a physical challenge suitable for all nutrition and health levels. It is not a juice fast. It is comprehensive and complete enough to help you to stop feeling sluggish, to help rebuild body confidence by aiding in weight loss, to help control emotional hunger, to become more alkaline and less acidic, to get rid of your bloated stomach, to assist in flushing out toxins, to increase your energy levels. This program is 100% VEGAN natural with no preservativessynthetic fillers or toxic chemicals. This meal plan is the perfect balance after a juice fast to help you continue with weight loss and introducing healthy foods back in your life.

STOP feeling tired of being unhealthy, depressed, overweight, and FAT suffering from joint pains back pains, chest pains, insomnia, heavy menstrual cycles, acne and high stress levels? Let's take the plunge and try something new that actually works. We'll get you out of prison with your weight!


This challenge is for serious individuals only who:

  • Owns a juicer
  • Wants to lose weight but don't want to juice fast.
  • Has weight to lose (20 lbs or more).
  • Wants the scale to move downwards instead of up
  • Wants to learn how juicing can help them lose weight.
  • Is dedicated to health and weight loss
  • Wants to break the cycle of being overweight and unhappy
  • Is determined to improve current health situation.
  • Wants to look and feel their best.
  • Is 100% open-minded and committed
  • Wants to fall in love with their bodies again.

This 21 Day Shrink Me Challenge is 102 page E-book is delivered to you in the form of a PDF document Adobe’s Portable Document Format). It can be downloaded and viewed on your computer immediately after payment. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS THE CONSUMER TO PROVIDE THE PROPER EMAIL ADDRESS WHERE YOU WANT THE DOCUMENT SENT TO. This document requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed. Most computers have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on them. However, if you don’t have it installed on your computer you can get it free from Adobe.com.

This challenge includes:

  • 21 of The Best Tasting Detox Juice Recipes
    • 3 Vegan Meal Recipes
    • 3 Detox Water Recipes
    • 6 BONUS Wildcard Juice Recipes totaling 27 
  • Recipes that are delicious, detoxing and weight loss focused to achieve optimum health.
  • Exclusive invitation to FACEBOOK private group to give you a positive environment to thrive in.
  • A  Challenge Food Chart so you must succeed.
  • 24/7 Email Response to answer any questions.
  • Weight loss Tips and More.
  • Teach you tips on preparing and buy the right produce for juicing.
  • Describe some symptoms you may experience while on this challenge.
  • Explain Alkalinity/Acidity & Tips to become more alkaline.
  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding this challenge.
  • The Pre-challenge Guidelines.
  • 3 Weekly Assignments and Worksheets to help change your perception of food.
  • Daily Scheduled Routine & Menu.
  • 5 day Suggested Workout Schedule.
  • Motivational quotes & Lots More.
  • A BONUS 21 Day Planner.
  • A printable E-book you can repeat.



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"Your amazing! I will do that! I also wanted to tell you that you did an AMAZING job putting this together. I appreciate that you took your time to make it visually pleasing as well as trying all the recipes and including so many tips. I can tell you love helping people. Wishing many blessings for you good heart!"

tamstock@juicewealthy thanks, for creating this challenge!! I will definitely be doing this multiple times a year! 💪🏼🥕🍋🍏Lost 10, without exercise... but still felt fabulous!!! 💪🏼
I will definitely do it again come fall/winter. I think it's good to flush your body a few times a year!! 

"I would like to first off say thank you so much for having this challenge available. I took part in it because I didn't like the way I felt about my appearance and I wanted to change that.  I was at 206lbs and and after going through the "Shrink me 21" program I am pleased to say I am currently at 188lbs and I didn't need to workout exessively. With your guidance and tips I was able to achieve my goal and my confidence has risen. I have recommended your products and ebooks to my friends to show support. "

thecolorisgreenAnd I am loving every minute of it! Juicing for health is for sure a challenge but your program makes it fun and engaging! And the juices are darn GOOD!! I can totally get behind what you are doing! Keep building you are making a positive difference!! Thank you @juicewealthy 💚💚💚💚

"I've lost almost 3 kg and I feel great. I'll definitely repeat juice fast again in the future 👍"

"I find the challenge to be difficult at first but when I emailed you and you responded right away, I knew it was like nothing I have done before. You gave so much tips!! I lost 15.4lbs and I got to eat meals. Too shy for before and after pic, I hope this feedback helpss."

monini05Thanks!! I am honestly so in love w the program and even happier that it is working for me. I feel so much healthier and happier! Thanks  I lost 10lb and feel with a lot more energy!! I really noticed how happy my body was with all of those fruits and veg! Thanks Sonisha for your amazing support throughout this journey ❤️❤️❤️❤️

"I am SO proud of myself for sticking with it. I feel so good, I have more energy, I haven't had headaches like I frequently do (with my normal diet), my skin is looking good and I just feel good. I don't know how to explain it. I feel lighter although I don't look lighter. I have zero sugar cravings...do you know how big that is for ME!!! I was addicted to sugar! I'm seriously so thankful for this program! I am going to do the program again, probably when you start the second challenge.?