Juice Wealthy understands the struggles with eating healthy and weight loss that is why we are a holistic and wellness website helping individuals lose weight and eat healthy by implementing juicing in their daily lives. Whether it is our digital e-books, customized programs, recipes, fresh juices,cleanses and challenges, we are here to cater to you. We make healthy drinks taste great that is what makes us unique.

why should i do a juice cleanse or a fast?

It's no secret that we believe that fasting is a great way to heal the body. We spend a huge amount of time consumed by thoughts of food; whether it's a special occasion, lunch, breakfast we are always thinking about the next time we get to chew again. A juice cleanse or a juice fast gives your digestive system a much needed break. At Juice Wealthy, we believe that toxins are one of the reasons why most individuals are considered overweight or obese and a juice cleanse or a fast helps rid of toxins. Using the benefits of weight loss is only a great way to enter in a world full of other added benefits. When our digestive system is in its rested stated it allows for maximized absorption of all the micro-nutrients, phyto-nutrients and enzymes from the juices that enter our bodies at such a rapid paste; keep in mind that juices retains over 90% of all vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients we need in the body.


Do you or did you have a point in your life where you felt physically and emotionally bankrupt; feeling depressed and tired of the image that staring back at you in the mirror but can not stop your unhealthy pattern with food? I can relate in many ways than one. Have you made the attempt of healthy eating and exercise with no results or have you resorted to pills, teas, shakes hoping for a miracle? Juice Wealthy programs are unique because of the extensive amount of research that have been put in to design each plan making sure that they work effortlessly. Each recipe included are strategically engineered and placed to help overcome food addictions, lose weight, improve moods and more. Each and every one has been tested and have proven to work.

which juice program is best for me?

All programs and challenges help reduce inflammation, support immune function, helps alkalize the body and lose weight effective and efficiently. Providing the body with the nutrients it needs to function properly . Deciding on a Juice Wealthy juice plans depends on your overall health goals for example:

The LOSE 11lbs in 7 days program is a complete reset from toxic build up in our digestive system which is why this juice only plan is magical, can lose anywhere from 4-11 pounds in that duration. Although juicing in general can be challenging mentally, many love how great tasting each recipe is which is something to look forward to. You get to indulge in different recipes for each being meal replaced.


NO-Fasting for many reason is not starvation. You have TOTAL control! Our bodies are designed to store food or energy for when we need to use it. Our bodies burn fat before it burns muscles. In my culture, we use fasting for its healing properties especially when one is sick. Medication was never to prescribed because most could not afford it. Fasting is healthy for the body and only food and marketing industries will argue otherwise.

who are your ideal clients?

Our main focus are individuals who are obese or overweight and or who wants to lose weight and become healthier by incorporating and implementing more juices and a plant-based lifestyle in their diets.

what payment options do you use?


What juicer do I use?

I use a masticating, centrifugal and a hydraulic press juicer.

Masticating Juicer

Masticating or slow Juicer uses an auger or augers to slowly chew fruits/veggies, Excellent for cold pressed juices and retains nutrients to up to 72 hours
•    Great for leafy greens and wheat-grass
•    More expensive
•    More prep time
•    Messier and hard to clean

Centrifugal Juicer

 Also  known as an high speed juicer, it uses different speeds for fruits and veggies, it has large feeding tubes which requires less prep time
•    Great for hard vegetables 

•    Uses different speeds for fruits and veggies
•    Large feeding tubes which requires less prep time
•    Easy to clean and inexpensive
•    Great for hard vegetables Cons
•    Very loud
•    Retains nutrients for 24 to 48 hours
•    High heat

Some benefits of intermittent fasting

Natural growth hormones gets released into the body when you are intermittent fasting, this eating lifestyle helps keep bones strong, reduces the aging process, provides healthy skin and tissues.

  • Great for building muscles
  • Liberating
  • Mental clarity
  • Body becomes self sufficient
  • It's not a crash diet.
  • Body burns stored energy
  • Get rid of damaged cells

How to clean fruits and vegetables before juicing?

Soak vegetables and fruits in apple cider vinegar and water for 5-10 minutes before rinsing

Can you exercise during the programs?

Yes you can exercise during the programs as per personal experience, but please listen to your body and consult your physician.

Organic vs. Non-Organic

Follow the dirty dozen and clean 15 when deciding on organic vs non-organic for example grapefruit doesn't necessarily have to organic, but kale, apples, etc would have to be.