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Juice Wealthy is a plant-based and holistic company founded by Sonisha Paul in 2014. Sonisha is a marketing graduate and has created this company after changes she had noticed about her body over the years which included; shortness of breath, abnormal chest pains, night sweats, obesity, insomnia, hormone imbalance, depression, flawed skin, fatigue all due to bad food choices.

Sonisha is from a family where both of her maternal grand-parents died of strokes, her father lives with diabetes and a mother who suffers from high blood pressure, fibroid, high cholesterol and being obese. We are telling you all of this so that you can understand her commitment towards health and nutrition. She decided to go on a quest to master the mechanics behind the human body and learned how food played an important role in how we feel and function from day to day. With her dedication towards research, experiences and experiments, she became to understand that nutrition is one of the most effect and the ultimate health problem solution. After losing 55 pounds doing a juice cleanse; all of the symptoms mentioned above departed. She has now continue to develop the best tasting juice recipes for her own and juice bars all around the world.

We give a holistic alternative; a natural way of life by changing your perception of food. That means without any preservatives, synthetic drugs, fillers, side effects and toxic chemicals, we can help you reach your health goals. Our E-book programs and challenges are 100% natural and plant-based. Juice Wealthy's main goal is to help individuals who want to regain WEALTH through HEALTH by implementing juicing and healthy eating habits. We are truly here to help you, but you must trust us. Juice Wealth introduces you to an alternative holistic lifestyle by helping you implement juicing and healthy eating as a way of life.

Sonisha Paul