Meet Sonisha -


"I remember being over 250 pounds"



My name is Sonisha and I am from one of the smallest Caribbean islands "Grenada" which is also known to many as the "Island of Spice" with one of the largest production of nutmeg. Our culture is very high context in which personal and meaningful relationships are very important to us. I am also a married mother of two beautiful and amazing children who keeps me very busy. I am a marketing graduate and currently in the process of studying nutrition to further expand on my knowledge and continue to inspire a healthier generation. I created this company to help others after changes I had noticed about my body over the years after having children which included; shortness of breath, abnormal chest pains, night sweats, obesity, insomnia, hormone imbalance, depression, flawed skin, fatigue all due to being overweight and bad food choices.

I am from a family where both of my maternal grand-parents died of strokes, my father lives with diabetes and my mother who suffers from high blood pressure, fibroid, high cholesterol, and more. I am telling you this so that you can understand my commitment towards health and nutrition. Years ago I decided to go on a quest to master the mechanics behind the human body and it wasn't long until I discovered that food played an important role in how we feel and function from day to day. With my dedication towards research, experiences and experiments, I began to understand that nutrition is one of the most effective and the ultimate health problem solution. What we put put into our bodies has a correlation to how we look and feel.


"Juicing is my life!" After losing 55 pounds doing a 60 day juice cleanse; all of the symptoms mentioned above departed. Before having children, I was pretty healthy. I exercised 5-6 days a week and ate a balanced diet with the exception of my sugar cravings of anything sweet or the 4c's what I like to call them (cookies, cakes, chocolate, candy). I still managed a fit and healthy body... I mean the most I would weigh was probably 150-160lbs and being 5'9.5, that's small. You see I struggle like most people in the world when it comes to my weight. I currently battle with depression and a major sugar addiction which stemmed from childhood. The thing that I find interesting about food addictions is that most don't really consider it be as severe as it really is... in my eyes I see all addictions the same way. Whether it's cocaine or sugar or burgers, they all alter your life majorly in some way shape or form. 


Okay Okay! After having my son in 2008, I fell into deep depression. I had a birth plan and wanted everything to go smoothly only to be in labour for about 18 hours with no epidural and the worst pain in the world resulting in an emergency c-section. As months past by, my depression became worst and part of it was neglecting my body and health all together. I began to eat things I wouldn't have been caught dead eating otherwise. We are talking about things like pizza, KFC, fast food... it was really bad. I was never one for fast food. I remember being over 250lbs. For the first time in my life, I felt out of control and I couldn't stop it. Fast forward to 2011, I gave birth to my daughter, Via another C-section. After her birth I decided enough was enough. I looked at myself in the mirror and didn't recognize who I was anymore and was afraid of where I was heading. After failed attempts at other diets I decided to try my hand at juicing. I was looking for a way I could get the required amount of calories and nutrients I needed to supplement my plan. During that time, I recalled an Oprah episode of a man that juiced all his life and ate a raw plant-based diet. I believe I was in high school at the time but it took my passion for nutrition to another level. I was intrigued at the concept. Anyway, in 2014 I decided to go ahead and commit myself to a juice cleanse... I mean, what did I have to lose really. I knew I was't in the best health so why not try something that can potentially improve my current situation. I mentally prepared myself and took the plunge. I bought a juicer and went in and gave it 110%. It was the best decision I have made in my life. I lost 55 pounds and improved my quality of life majorly. By incorporating juicing, my mood and energy improved and I didn't struggle with sugar cravings or depression. Today I help individuals lose weight with juices and healthy eating.


Juice Wealthy is a plant-based and holistic company. I have learned many valuable lessons over the years from juicing and I want to teach others. I am a juice and health specialist who continues to develop the best tasting juice recipes for my own company and other juice bars all around the world. I pride myself on providing the best tasting juices and recipes you will ever taste with both nutrition and taste at the top of mind.

At Juice Wealthy, we give a holistic alternative; a natural way of life by changing your overall perception of food. That means without any preservatives, synthetic drugs, fillers, side effects and toxic chemicals, we can help you lose weight and reach your health goals.  We provide fresh cold-pressed juices, digital E-book programs, challenges and other services to help individuals reach their health goals. We are 100% natural and plant-based. Juice Wealthy's main goal is to help individuals who want to regain WEALTH through HEALTH by implementing juices, smoothies and healthy eating habits. We are truly here to help you. Juice Wealthy introduces you to an unconventional holistic alternative as a way of life.

Sonisha Paul